How To Start Your Own Business

Quick and easy to follow steps to starting your very first business.


Get ready for a journey of a lifetime, Starting and running a business is going to be by far one of the most exciting, scariest and eye-opening experiences of your life. By the way Congratulations on wanting to be financially free.

Before you start anything especially a business try and do some research and get to know as much as you can about what you are going to engage in. My first business was selling watches before I started I went out and took a look at very watch store within my vicinity. I then conducted a little study where I took note of where the watch shops were located, the prices they sold the watches at, who their target market was, the quality of their products and service and on and so forth. I then went about sourcing a watch supplier from who I was going to buy my watches from. I had to calculate how much profit I was going to make, by taking into account the cost price of the watches, the selling price at which I would sell my watches for, the transport costs, storage, rent and so on. The more you know about your industry, the more advantage and protection you will have.

Get Some Business Training And Assistance 
This is not exactly necessary but good to have. My Grandfather (Ali Jassat) started and ran a successful business and he never even completed high school. But that was back in good old 90’s whereas in today’s day and age, where competition is on the increase and technology is on the rise, individuals who want to start and run a business require some basic training, depending on what type of business one decides to start. Experience is often more important that one’s skill set that is why finding a mentor or someone who has already walked the journey you want to is important as they will be able to guide and protect you from going astray, One should always start small and have set limitations otherwise one could end up losing everything they own and never ever achieving success. Like they commonly say on Shark Tank, “If your business doesn’t work within a year take it behind the barn and shoot it”.

Draw up a Business Plan 
As say’s google a business plan is a written document that describes in detail how a business, usually a new one, is going to achieve its goals. A business plan lays out a written plan from a marketing, financial and operational viewpoint.
A business plan will hold all of your research information and most important of all it holds the businesses vision and mission statement that will keep you focused and goal oriented. A business plan will also help you need investments to start up and grow the business. If you need Any help with drawing up a business plan do email me ( Everything I do for you will be free and in absolute confidentiality.

The more time you spend on the nitty-gritty stuff, the less time you spending making money. In business, you have to hit the ground running. The best advice I can give you is to start with the little you have and just go for it, waiting for some miracle external factor to occur before you start your business is just going to waste your time and lead you to failure.The key is to just START, don’t wait for the experience or right partner just learn to trust your intuition. Be unique and trust yourself, you can do it.

Remember without risk they can be no reward. Money has 4 legs which mean’s you will never catch it but passion has 2 so chase your passion and money will come to you.





Surviving University

Saving for education
University Survival

So you got accepted into university, Congratulations!! 🙂
University is going to be an exciting eye-opening experience, Believe me when I say you will become a new person after university. I feel excited for you, from the hot people you will meet to becoming a pro noodle chief to sleep (don’t know what that is). Welcome to a life of stress, depression, sleep deprivation, YouTube addiction and being broke. If you can survive University you can survive anything.

Remember why you at University and nothing will lead you astray.

Have Goals
Write down 10 goals you want to achieve at University, then go and work hard every second of every minute of every day to make your goals a reality. Having goals, concentration and determination will keep you focused.

Make Friends
You will be labeled by who you hang around with so choose those friends wisely or you will end up failing and regretting for the rest of your life. Find friends that you can compete with academically. Friends who can challenge you and create competition that will enable you to achieve top grades. I used to achieve good grades in my first year because I started hanging around the clever people, they challenged me and kept me working hard, but as soon as I got involved with the wrong company my grades fell drastically. Note that by the time you end university you won’t have any friends, life gets too busy.

If you want to pass get that qualification and be successful at a university there is only one real trick and that is to study, Study as much as possible, use your time productively, heck read a book in the taxi, toilet, while you having sex, just never stop studying. Prepare notes for the classes you will attend as this will help you understand the content of the work when the lecturer explains it and if you unsure of something ASK! Rather be a fool for 5min than a fool for the rest of your life. Take notes during class coz trust me you not going to remember everything or anything. When a lecturer says words such as important, please note, understand do take note and pay attention to this, it means to listen and write down what he/she is saying as more often than less it will come out in the tests or exams.

Do After Class Activities
Join a society, attend public lectures, volunteer and try by any and all means to increase your knowledge and remember everything you do can be used on your C.V for future reference. Focus on the bigger picture. You at a university to gain knowledge and skills to help you get employed as you will be attractive to an employer, prove your worth.

Fart In Class
Want to get kicked out of class legally?? well, the trick is simply to start farting, the lecturer will either kick you out or the class will end early so you will win. Note that mastering the art of farting anytime will help you get out of smelly situations. You can thank me later.

Know that you know what to do let me tell you what not to do.

Stay Away From Relationships
This was my downfall don’t make it your too. A GF or BF will just take away precious time and money and cause you to fail. Trust me, stay single you have more to lose than not being in a relationship.

Don’t Waste Money
You a student act like it, So no partying, No gf/bf, No fancy shopping trips nothing. Save your money or you will be eating dry bread and pap. The fewer friends you have the less money you will spend, that’s a tip to remember.

Don’t Trust Anyone
Especially when it comes to Sex, Strap up or best stay away from sex, trust me HIV, and AIDS is something a lot of students have so be careful and if I was you rather say No! use yr hand it’s the best, it knows when to go faster, stop is HIV and STI free and can make you a sandwich when you done.

Don’t Sit On The Toilet
I probably don’t have to tell you this but please for the sake of your bum don’t sit on the toilet as students are half blind and piss everywhere so please unless you want to grow another ass do not Sit!!!!!

Thank you for reading 🙂 Enjoy University and Do Not Stress, Life Is Going To Work Out!!

How To Get A Job

Well, we all need to start working eventually unless we selling drugs of which in that case, pass me some and no need to read further lol #JustJokes. Getting a Job is becoming more and more difficult which is why an article/blog like this one might save you from a life of unemployment.

Draw Up A Curriculum Vitae(C.V)
This is crucial to getting any job, a C.V is a written story of your life, the work you have done, the education you have received and your life experiences as well as what you feel will appeal to a prospective employer. A C.V must be well thought through, using a template as a guide is the best way to ensure that you are writing a correct C.V. Never make up information on your C.V everything must be original, authentic and as attractive and appealing as possible.

Prepare For An Interview
Make sure you are ready at all times when forwarding your C.V to ensure that if you get called in for an interview you are ready, prepare for an Interview by revising commonly ask questions when interviewed and know how to respond to these questions. In preparing, ensure that you research the company, know what it deals with, who its customers are, what they sell be it service or product, know when the company was established and most definitely know the company’s mission and vision statement.

Apply, Apply and did I Mention Apply!!!
You are most definitely not going to get a Job by doing nothing. Apply to as much places as possible. Apply to jobs that you are interested, qualified or have experience in. They are many different ways in which you can go about applying for jobs, the internet is the easiest and cheapest way to go about it. If you from South Africa like me try sites like; Gumtree, Careers 24, Careerjet, Indeed among so many other sites also try the traditional way of applying like walk-ins, which is where you take a hard copy of C.V and hand it in by different companies that appeal to you regardless of whether the company has a current vacancy or not. Try cold calling which is where you pull out that big book with numbers knows as a telephone directory, buy some airtime or borrow some rich person’s phone and call every company that you feel you would like to work for. A clever thing to do is to put a post in the local newspaper stating that you are looking for a certain type of job, trust me this works. Network and tell as many people as possible that you unemployed and looking for a job. Remember Never Give Up!!, it can be difficult but never stop Applying and trying, something will eventually come up (No I don’t mean be a prostitute lol).

Find A Mentor
Find someone who is already working in your desired field and ask to be mentored by them, they could help give you valuable work experience and help you land a job through their contacts. Finding a mentor is valuable in so many ways, he/she will act as a guiding force, protect you from bad decisions, motivate, counsel and guide you through life and may be able to open doors for you.

Always Have A Plan B
Yes, always have a plan B, not everything we expect to happen will happen, jobs are becoming more and more difficult to get and if you fail to find a job don’t lose hope, keep trying and use your time productively. Lower your standards if things go really bad, so what if you a packer or gardener, something is better than nothing, work hard prove yourself and who knows you might get promoted to the job you always wanted. You can try starting your own business if everything fails, it’s never too early or late to start. I will post another Blog to show you how to start your own business.

I would say “Good Luck” but I don’t believe in Luck I believe in Hard work, so go work at getting that job and kudos to your future success.



How To Change Your Life Around


Have we not all been there, broke and defeated?? I know I have to the extent that I was verbally  saying out loud how I wish I was dead. Yes people it happens to the best of us. 

The first thing to do is to write down a goal that you want to or need to achieve, have a short-term, medium term and long goal. This means having goals to achieve in one year, five years, and ten years. Having goals will keep your focus stable. Don’t just have meaningless goals, have realistic goals and then go out and achieve them and all and any cost, you have nothing to lose.

The second thing to do would be to get rid of distractions and if you don’t have a watch go buy one! When I was 16 I bought my first watch which turned out to be a life saver and changer, it brought me to the realization of time. Every second gone is a second gone forever, don’t sleep and party your life away. THE MORE YOU PUT INTO LIFE THE MORE YOU GET OUT OF IT!!. This motto changed my life and it can change yours if you let it.

The third thing you need to do is determine who is important in your life and who isn’t, this will save you time and money in the long run and enable you to get rid of the negativity that is affecting to your success. Find a mentor someone who you look up to and aspire to be, someone who can change your direction in life and make you reach your goals faster.

Fourth, Hustle, do whatever it takes to achieve what you have to, be it cutting out family and friends to losing sleep, If you want any true positive change you have to work hard to achieve it. I am your competition, everyone is we all out to steal your food, are you going to let us or are you going to hustle hard and fight us for what’s yours??. We are all alone in this world at the end of the day, if we don’t work like dogs we will get eaten alive by one.

Find someone and something that motivates you, for me it’s my mom, I will kill for her and I mean that there is nothing I won’t do to ensure that she is happy.
Find someone that you can learn from like your mentor, for me, my mentor is my Grandfather who is more like a dad to me, It’s thanks to him I am who I am and where I am.

Hope those four points helped and don’t ever forget who you are and what you want to achieve in life. Never give up, follow and achieve your goals and dreams. Do not wait for success go out and achieve it. 


Becoming A Freelance Photographer

A basic guide for individuals wanting to become photographers.

So you want to snap snap snap for the rest of your day’s?, well I am going to teach you exactly how to make a living from photography. I will run through steps to help get you started on an amazing opportunity to hold people’s memories.

Getting Started
So what is the first thing you need to get to become a photographer?, NO! it is not a camera it is knowledge. Without knowledge about photography and how the industry works then having a fancy camera for you will just be for fun or as a hobby. A must have I guess n anything you want to do in life is passion, having passion will make you more likely to succeed and grow into a professional photographer. Have objectives as this will keep you focused and guide you on your photography journey.

Deciding on The Type Of Photographer You Want To Be
Do not and I beg of you, do not go out and buy the most expensive camera on the market without first doing your research and finding out what type of photographer you want to be. There are a number of different types of photographers that take photos of different objects, people or items. You can be an Architecture and interior photographer, child photographer, a catalog photographer, take pictures of celebrities, become a corporate or industrial photographer, photojournalism, a fashion and beauty photographer, you can also go into fine arts, illustrations (Advertising), become a medical or scientific photographer, nature, wildlife or landscape photographer or be news and sports photographer or if you like food become a still life and food photographer, if seeing the world is your dream why not be a travel and location photographer, if you want to capture life’s special moments become a wedding or event photographer and finally the photographer that I am is known as a generalist, that is I cadavel in all of the above.

Starting-Start Small With No Money And No Clients
In everything you do start small, learn and grow into the giant shark you have always dreamed of becoming. Today is the day you start with the little you have, before you buy a fancy camera try taking a picture off your phone and see if you can install free apps such as candy camera, prizma amongst others which by doing so will be able to tell you if photography is for you or not. Choose a simple name for your photography business and work from home, to begin with. Have a dedicated free empty room from which will be your office and photo shoot room.  Print and hand out simple black and white posters and have business cards to create awareness to what you are capable of providing in terms of quality and service. In the photography business, the most ideal way of becoming known is to provide free photoshoots to well-known people in the community, thus creating a reputation and gaining references to which you can include in your portfolio. I must literate that it is essential to have the main source of income come from a career other than photography while starting out as becoming a professional photographer could take more than two to three years.

Beginner Equipment needs
Before you rush off to buy the latest camera and photo editing software, stop and read. Technology is constantly changing and the camera you buy today is going to be old tomorrow so don’t spend a lot on the newer models, rather buy a second-hand model that is around one year old from the release date. When buying a camera please take into account the added costs such as buying the lenses, tripod stand, SD card storage and extra camera batteries and a pouch. One must also budget for lighting as a good quality camera in poor lighting is worse than a poor quality camera in good lighting. Lighting is everything in photography. Photo editing software such as Adobe is essential to obtain especially if one wants to produce quality images. Without editing, pictures tend to be plain and boring. Please do ask for advice and research well before you make any form of purchase for equipment, lighting or editing software.

Starting One’s Own Studio
Having a home studio means lower overhead costs but does not necessarily means having higher profits. Your home should preferably be in an area zoned for business. Having a room from which you can take pictures in and an office with a desk, telephone and chair is all you need. Having a picture perfect office and studio is not 100% necessary what is necessary is your drive and hunger to get clients, take photos and make money baby.

Getting your first Assignment/Job
So you now got a camera, a studio, did some advertising and have a client, what now? first, you make an appointment then dress professionally and properly depending on where you going to take the photos. Always arrive early and ahead of time, scope out the scene beforehand to save you time when you with your client. In life be honest especially if you a photographer never sell dreams and lies in your portfolio. Don’t underprice yourself even though sometimes we all want to. Have a price that is worth the service you will provide. One must come to the realization that work will not be guaranteed first time around. After you complete your photography send a follow-up letter to thank your client for choosing you and go the extra mile to surprise your client (example: sending extra edited pictures). As a photographer, your relationships will influence the amount of business you will have so make sure you are able to turn one assignment into another.

Let’s Talk About Marketing Your Photography
Marketing is not only the process of creating awareness it is also the process of adding value and quality to the end user in a way that differentiates your organization from its competitors. There are a number of ways to promote one’s photography business. When advertising remember the platinum rule is to keep the message short, sweet and simple. By placing your advert in a newspaper you are sure to gain a few clients and remember the platinum rule so don’t place your advert on the front page or on one whole page in the newspaper as this will be expensive and unnecessary, you need to save money not waste it. Magazines are an excellent place to advertise because not only can you display your work but you can also select certain readers, for example, advertising in house and home magazine as an architect photographer. The cheapest way of advertising is radio folks, Keep the message short but make sure in all the advertisements you ever make your business name, location and contact number is provided. A tip to remember when using radio advertising is that high-income individuals listen to classical, jazz and easy-listening stations while lower-income individuals listen to rock and country music. Let this knowledge help you in choose the radio channel and time slots of your advertising. As a photographer television adverting is honestly a waste of money and time so don’t even bother, it is simply a no go.

The cleverest way to gain clients as a photographer with half-empty pockets is to create a website. Websites are the easiest and cheapest way to gain clients and provides the clients with a chance to view your work, see how much your services are going to cost them and also gain some knowledge of the business you own. Using social media to advertise in today’s age is a must. Being able to create and advertise on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube among the dozen of other new social media sites will by far boost your client base and market share. Not only is social media marketing cost effective it is also widely used and can be used as a reference to future potential clients of the work you have done.

What to Charge
There a just too many factors to take into play for me to tell you what you should charge for your services but I can give you a general insight into how you should go about pricing your service. There are three main ways to set your price, the first would be to have a general fee scale that can be periodically upgraded as the costs seem to warrant such a consideration. Second would be to base your fee off what your competitors are charging in your area, the trick with this is to not to drastically undercut your competition as it will give the impression that your performance will be of low quality. The third and final way to charge would be to base your charges on your costs. This method cannot fail as it is fair, realistic and ensure that you make a little profit.

Concluding Points
There is so much more information about how to negotiate the right price to taxes to legal issues such as invasion of privacy and let us not forget about insurance, they just way too much but hey if you follow me, add me on Facebook or twitter, inbox me or email me then maybe I will write an additional part two to this as photography is definitely one interesting topic.

Capturing memories and making time stand still is magical so from now on you not a photographer you a magician that can turn the ordinary to extraordinary using angles, lenses and Photoshop. Behold the chance to make people smile, cry or laugh through what you create using your camera. Photography is not an easy business, it takes hard work, passion and persistence. A scary fact to note is that photography businesses have a 94% failure rate in their first 3 years. The art to becoming that 6% is by not focusing on competition but focusing on what you can do for the client that will make the client love you.

Like a wise old man once said to me “when life gets hard, wank”.

(The above cover picture was taken using an ordinary 8mp phone camera)