A University Student that is sharing his Life experiences in the hope that you learn to become successful. I will be blogging about everything from how to write C.V’s to how to present yourself in an interview, will also show you how to make money as well as how to save and budget. Most Importantly I will show you how to just make a success of everything you do. I am planning to blog at minimum twice a week so do follow.
In my world, it’s all about future planning. 

Here Is a little about me and the life I have lived so far:
I grew up in Zimbabwe with my Mom (Shareen Jassat) and my Moms Father, my Grandfather (Mr. Ali Ebrahim Jassat). Yes a very small family I know, I had a great little life until I reached grade five(5), my parents went into financial problems and life went down hill, I went to Government School, where one textbook was shared among 30 children, I had it rough from being bullied to being assaulted by teachers and just not fitting in, my grades took a dive and life became meaningless, in grade nine(9) I got a transfer to Tazita College as Mrs. K the lady in charge gave my family a discount as she grew up knowing them, It was rough at first but the name calling and laughter opened me up and I started talking back and broke my shyness. I then moved on to Speciss College to write my O’levels and A’levels. I managed to work at a friends shop while I was completing my A’levels and after I finished school I went on to work for 6 months at Casino Royal as a Cashier.

In 2014 I managed to get into University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Life is still very hard but so far I’ve made it and it’s going great. Never did I ever think I would go to University, but here I am and now I want to motivate individuals who may be struggling like I was and prove to them that even though it may seem impossible it isn’t.

Thank you for reading and if ever you need anything do send me an email or you can
Call/Whatsapp me on +2763 607 9233.